Dominion (BDSM AU) • C.A.L.M. ✔️

Dominion (BDSM AU) • C.A.L.M. ✔️

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Calum Hood. Title: Dominant. 

Ashton Irwin. Title: Dominant.

Luke Hemmings. Title: Submissive.

Michael Clifford. Title: Submissive.

Best friends, Calum and Ashton have known each other their whole lives. They share everything: clothes, friends, even a house. So, when these two dominants get paired with the exact same submissives, it really shouldn't come as a surprise. 

They're given the option, choose one or share both.

Well, they already share everything. Why not submissives, as well?

Mature. MPREG.

C.A.L.M. 5SOS OT4. CalumxAshtonxLukexMichael. BDSM AU.

One of my favorite teacher was talking to me and she was like "I'm the most socially awkward extrovert." Then she laughed and I was confused and she said "and you're the most socially accepting introvert" c,: I was like I know I am I hate it
iliana_wants_a_taco iliana_wants_a_taco Dec 05, 2016
I'm gonna ask the real questions
                              1can men have kids yet
                              2is Larry out
                              3is phan out
                              4is dill a real person yet
I lowkey hate when people say this to me because like really? What if I was about to stab you "oooh baby you so cute when you're mad" STAB "Ohh soo hot" cough bishh?? No xD
_MiraLynn_ _MiraLynn_ a day ago
literally me at school
                              EVERYONES STRAIGHT
                              LIKE WHERE CAN I FIND A FELLOW GAY GIRL AT
Hemmophobicx Hemmophobicx Dec 08, 2016
"their bodies nicely toned to fit their titties bestowed to them upon birth" 
                              i just choked bc i read it that way
Why do I imagine them to have really high pitched voices? I'm mean like minions