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Partners in Crime (TodoBakuShinDeku) by lyzard_fan_fics
Partners in Crime (TodoBakuShinDek...by lyzard_fan_fics
•Rankings• #1 in shindeku #10 in bakudeku Izuku was out shopping with a couple of classmates. When they were walking in, he fell to the back and someone took advantage...
badlands ✄ ot4 by hippiemgc
badlands ✄ ot4by n + m
❝we run on gasoline and the code we were given. this is not a movie. this is not a dream. welcome the badlands, boys. enjoy your stay. ❞
The Support Group || OT4 ⚓ ✔ by kelliclashton
The Support Group || OT4 ⚓ ✔by kelliclashton
In which four boys with very different personalities attend the same support group and somehow find their way into each others lives. chapters marked with a + in the tit...
The Princess And The Slave | Ot4 by Sparkling_5sosFreaks
The Princess And The Slave | Ot4by ♡Lauren ♡
"I just don't get it, you adopted me and Luke as your sub and yet you treat Luke like he's a princess and you treat me like a slave." OR Where Calum and Ashto...
soft spots // ot4 by fr0ggyl00ps
soft spots // ot4by alyssa
just a boxer protecting his babyboy, his kitten, and his princess, even though his princess doesn't want to be called princess. ©alyssa (fr0ggyl00ps) SHORTSTORY
answer me, you fool ➼ ot4 by 0mg5soskilledme
answer me, you fool ➼ ot4by 1-800-LONGDONG
when an accidental text gets sent to the wrong (right) people daddy!michael/calum submissive!luke switch!ashton MPREG T- texting chapter A- normal actual chapter with w...
True brothers by MikerowavesBabe
True brothersby Kenzie Breanne
*5sos fanfiction* This is a story about 4 boys who started out nothing more than friends, but became brothers (lovers heh heh) for life. They might've even saved each ot...
Rose Petals » ot4  by afibloom
Rose Petals » ot4 by afibloom
A hurt tattoo artist, a crazed painter, a confused druggie, and a controlling gangster...It sounds like a chaotic mix of colors that shouldn't be able to mix, but instea...
Balls [5sos ot4] by queersos
Balls [5sos ot4]by harly brah
A fanfic where 5sos are all queer af - Hopefully this doesn't get rated mature because of the curses.
Angel {OT4} by Foodislife2001
Angel {OT4}by Where's the food?
Three angels try to tame one little demon named Michael.
Summoner || CALM ot4 by _penguin_hemmings
Summoner || CALM ot4by Crimson
Calum, a 23 year old man, finds a book on dark magic and accidentally summons 3 men from different realms who don't really get along. But things start to get a bit comp...
You wanna bet?-5sos-ot4 by calumsnuts
You wanna bet?-5sos-ot4by Ihatelife
Calum wears 'girly' clothes and likes to tease his band members a lot, his body becomes the prize to a bet. Girly!Calum Bottom!Calum boyxboy
"No Secrets" || ot4 by jaymiesivan
"No Secrets" || ot4by sivan
This whole thing has been a big fat lie and he was afraid it was going to slip out sooner or later. "Are you sure?" "Y-Yeah." Michael didn't realize...
|Black-Eyed Vampires| Ashton-Centric✔️ by Olivia5Hemmings
|Black-Eyed Vampires| Ashton-Centr...by 💎
Where Ashton has been followed by three strange creatures since he was a child and all they want is him. |EDITING|
Can you fix my heart? 💙ChaeLisa💜 by moonlune05
Can you fix my heart? 💙ChaeLisa💜by moonlune05
I guess people were right when they told me that the one you love the most, will hurt you the most. And I gave her the chance to broke my heart for the nth time 5 more d...
Fluorescent Adolescent by hazzbearisbae
Fluorescent Adolescentby Georgia Clifford
In which Michael and Calum are tenth graders and Michael happens to meet a certain blue eyed boy in an ice cream shop while dancing to his favourite band.
ERROR // CALM AU by kittenarry
ERROR // CALM AUby kittenarry
A killer, a princess, a junkie, and a psycho walk into a bar...
"calum and you against ashton and i." "deal, we'll have y'all beat in no time." - © wastethemalum 2017
Lie To Me » ot4  by afibloom
Lie To Me » ot4 by afibloom
Luke being arrested for the possession of drugs made Michael believe that he would never be surprised by his boyfriend's secrets ever again. But the reality of it was...
Belief [CALM~OT4] by RedwinKazierDaniels
Belief [CALM~OT4]by Redwin Kazier
Calum has been playing both Michael and Ashton for three months now. He doesn't want to, he just isn't sure how to give up one. He wants them both. Needs them both. It d...
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