Boss-y Boyfriend

Boss-y Boyfriend

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"Where do you think you're going?"

I froze.

"Turn around."

I didn't move.

"Turn . the . f*ck . around."

Something in his voice told me, to stop messing around, to surrender. I de-freeze myself and turned around in a deliberately slow pace.

His hard eyes bored into mine, looking frightening enough to shake me to my every core.

"What-" He took a step towards me. "the f*ck-" Another step. "is going on?"

I gulped nervously. This is it.


A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, or in Neena Dev's case, A girl's gotta do what her family asks her to do.

A meddling Indian family who is hell bent on getting Neena married at the age of 22, shattering her ambitious and aspiring plans. Neena wants nothing but to halt her hustling family to stop persuading her into tying the knot hastily and she's willing to do anything to stop it... even lying.

A twisted, complicated lie which includes a Boss and a Boyfriend... or maybe just a Boss-y Boyfriend.

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