Wizards With Benefits (Drarry ) (boyxboy)

Wizards With Benefits (Drarry ) (boyxboy)

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Drarry Duchess By Clevermess Completed

Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter are sworn enemies, that is common knowledge. But what if something  someone says to them changes that forever? Will they stay enemies or fall for one another?  

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own these characters for they belong to the one and only J.K Rowling. Spells and Potions are obviously not mine either

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LizzyAnn123 LizzyAnn123 3 days ago
This is like me and my friend. I tell him that if anyone hurts him, ILL KILL THEM!😜
imteyanna imteyanna Sep 11
Shiiiiiiit you should be hoping a Slytherin would even date a sister of yours
Oh thank goodness they broke it off, that way Ginny would t be a jealous Biatch. Not to mention that Ginny looks sooooooooo much like Lily.