Wizards With Benefits (Drarry ) (boyxboy)

Wizards With Benefits (Drarry ) (boyxboy)

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S. Snape By Clevermess Completed

Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter are sworn enemies, that is common knowledge. But what if something  someone says to them changes that forever? Will they stay enemies or fall for one another?  

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own these characters for they belong to the one and only J.K Rowling. Spells and Potions are obviously not mine either

Cover picture is from google Images but I edited with the cover app

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I think this was the first book i read of yours and ive fallen out of teading drarry but ima try and read this and try not to cry djalal
you're both absolute idiots. there was litteratly no reason for you to fight. *sighs* your pride will be the death of us all. 
                              (if anyone caught that reference I will love you forever no joke)
phan3133 phan3133 Jul 30
Harry and Draco at the grocery store 
                              *Draco picks up an apple*
                              Harry: Don't get that one it looks rotten 
                              Draco: I think I can pick the wrong sort out for myself thanks!
                              Harry: We've been married for 5 years get the fück over that!
AutourTrash AutourTrash Aug 07
Ronny Ronny the Slytherist.
                              IM A SLYTHERIN 
                              Ron~Senpai I love u thooo
He thinks he's the guy who obsessed over you for seven years. He thinks he's the Savior of the Wizarding World. He thinks he's the Boy Who Lived. He thinks he is Harry James Potter, son of the dead-at-Voldemort's-wand couple, James and Lily Potter.
Im confused why dudnt i comment about how bloase is mine dkkala