Curls || finn wolfhard by -iadore
Curls || finn wolfhardby CiTy GiRl
☄️ he's so pretty. ☄️ ± strong language ± [Finn wolfhard x reader]
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✓ KISMET ➳ SEBASTIAN STAN  by jugg3rnauts
❝I OFTEN THINK OF WHAT I DID WRONG❞ in which the fangirl pukes on the filmstar.
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Toxic love- Chris Evans fanfiction by ktsbooks
Toxic love- Chris Evans fanfictionby Katie
Molly is an 18 year old girl who meets Chris Evans at a movie premier for his latest film. Despite the age difference, they fall in love but she's lying to him about her...
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Curls and Freckles by jordieisapoolnoodle
Curls and Frecklesby Jordie
Please Read First otherwise it won't make sense please read! Y/N= your name Y/L/N: your last name Y/F/N: your full name Y/E/C: your eye colour Y/H/C: your hair colour Y...
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MatPat X reader by Black_Beauty432
MatPat X readerby Harleen quinzel
You were friends with Matthew Patrick( A.K.A Matpat) since you were children. You guys were very close but slowly drifted away as he met Stephanie. You didn't let this b...
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Tear In My Heart by amtbooks
Tear In My Heartby autumn
Eighteen year old Grace Howell is a huge fan of the CW television series "Supernatural". Especially Castiel, who is portrayed by Misha Collins. She is surprise...
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Lost In Paradise (*) by Mitikiwostky
Lost In Paradise (*)by Milady Zafiro
*with Alexander Hogh Andersen Lela takes the day to go to the local ComicCon, planning to get out with just a photo and an autograph. However, destiny shows to have a di...
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Just a Zombie Kid (Chandler Riggs x Reader) by KyraTheFanGirl_1375
Just a Zombie Kid (Chandler Brendon Urie Trash
It was the middle of the school year. You were just 5 when you moved to Atlanta, Georgia. You met a boy on the first day named Chandler Carlton Riggs. He became your bes...
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Yeet, Swaggersouls Fanfiction  by abiicon
Yeet, Swaggersouls Fanfiction by Connor
A simple story about you, an uprising British YouTuber, and Swagger, a 1mill+ American one. This is inspired by @TheCryingClouds story, check it out! 1000+ words per cha...
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Time's Got This by santiago-sent-me
Time's Got Thisby Chib’sHoodie
A world where soulmates are determined by time. Chibs Telford meets a young girl and they fall for each other. They each must get through obstacles to accept time and ea...
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Save me from myself  ( jacksepticeye x Reader ) by BROKEN_IDIOT
Save me from myself ( IDIOT
Your a 16 year old going through depression and anxiety and also abuse, on your 16th birthday your sister takes you to comic- con and there you find out that your mom...
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Varchie and Kjmila Oneshots  by itsotp
Varchie and Kjmila Oneshots by itsotp
simply just a book full of oneshots of the ships Varchie and Kjmila accepting ideas - credit will be given x
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LOST LINE [G.GUSTIN II] by sheismental
CONTINUATION TO 'WRONG NUMBER'. What happens when Kara Evans faces her second greatest fear once again?. copyright 2017 | mercyfool
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Random One-Shots (x Reader) by Dankabel
Random One-Shots (x Reader)by Isa and Cas
As you can tell, this is a random requests book and we have a few stories done already! From fluff to angst, Eddsworld to Hamilton, we'll write any story :)
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Instagram ❀ Grant Gustin  by flashtrash
Instagram ❀ Grant Gustin by Hiatus
@grantgust has requested to follow you! A story in which a girl and celebrity meet via Instagram [slow updates... sorry]
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 My Fake Brother ~ Robbie Amell | ✔ by mik-hale-vatore
My Fake Brother ~ Robbie Amell | ✔by ♡Kayla♡
When a new acting camp starts one summer Sage Shaw decides to go. Why not? What she doesn't know is the CW is running the camp all over North America including Canada wh...
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Markiplier x Reader: Sick by markimoo_rules
Markiplier x Reader: Sickby markimoo_rules
Y/n goes to Comic-Con and meets Sean, Mark, and the crew. What happens after is... interesting.
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unexpected love  | Sebastian Stan by HotChrisEvans
unexpected love | Sebastian Stanby HotChrisEvans
"Oh no, I just came to make sure my sister doesn't do anything stupid, like kidnap you" "A 14 year old ? Kidnap me ?" "Don't underestimate her...
  • romance
  • lovestory
  • sebastianstan
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Gwen's Secret|COMPLETED✔️ by divinemistake
Gwen's Secret|COMPLETED✔️by D.Mツ
Gwen's secret After Gwen Stacy's death... Or should I say fake death? After that, she protected the one she love, they ones the care about her and wanted the best thing...
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WHO?? Wattys2018 by SophieGrayceMills
WHO?? Wattys2018by Sophia Grayce
In which a young girl gets the surprise of her life on her birthday. What is this surprise you ask? Read WHO?? to find out!
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