Tear In My Heart

Tear In My Heart

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Autumn By dearimpala Completed

Eighteen year old Grace Howell is a huge fan of the CW television series "Supernatural". Especially Castiel, who is portrayed by Misha Collins. She is surprised with tickets to NJ Comic Con for a birthday gift.  At the convention, she loses a necklace that is very special to her. Misha finds that same necklace and, after a long string of events, Misha and Grace become friends and form a bond that's even greater than love itself. 

//Nobody would have guessed that something so great could happen just because of a lost necklace.

AUTHOR NOTE: This is a rewritten and edited version of my fanfic, "Unexpected Love". It is completely the same besides some corrections, such as grammar and longer chapters. Thank you for reading!

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Lafferuck Lafferuck Jul 15, 2017
World History was my first and favorite class, the teacher was amazing and history is my favorite subject
Lafferuck Lafferuck Jul 15, 2017
I read it as head and just read through it and then I went to the comments and was like "what?"
Rivaicifer Rivaicifer Jan 26, 2017
Okay first of all, my name is Grace. 
                              Second, Dan Howell?
                              Third of all, Tear In My Heart TØP i see that
                              And fourth Misha, wow everything good rolled into one dang
_SupItsMe_ _SupItsMe_ Oct 11, 2016
I thought it said "I slam my head". I was like DAMN THAT CONCUSSION THOUGH