From being arranged to love!!! #An Indian Love Story

From being arranged to love!!! #An Indian Love Story

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Amàira Jàcob By caffecorretto Updated 2 days ago

"Please.. you have to go... we can't do this.." she tried.
"No... you are mine, only mine." He said once more, reciting the words over and over again. "Only mine!".  

With that he claimed her mouth. She prayed that her parents were still sleeping down. 

Soon his lips travelled down, Biting and sucking the flesh of her neck.

It hurt her a lot. But the pain was long gone as she realized what was happening. 

He was marking her....branding her his own...... Only his!


How does it feel to get married to a stranger? To have an arranged marriage with a guy you haven't met before?

That is what happened to Dhruvika and Cherry.

 Dhruvika Sanjay, her dream was to become a well settled fashion designer. But what comes as a shocking news takes a new turn in her life.

 Meet cherry. Ram Charan IPS. A young arrogant officer who has sworn to swipe off the dirt in the city.

 How does the journey of the 2 takes away from the first meet to a life forever?

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Soldier_of_Allah Soldier_of_Allah Aug 02, 2016
Girl I know a whole bunch of women that get married way younger than that. I think it's better to get married young but you shouldn't be forced to marry someone but arranged is ok as long as they both agree with it. But if a guy and girl love each other their parents should let them marry
BinaishaFernandes BinaishaFernandes Dec 23, 2016
Plz update it . It is awesome , I'm addicted to it already I'm curious to know the next . I hv predicted something and want to see if my predictions are right or what . Plzzzz
akshay_94 akshay_94 Jul 30, 2016
Author needs some good Research.... Practically she offended 1/4th population of the world.... astrology is complete mathematical calculation between the coordinate of stars, planets and their effects on earth or us which effect is basically deprived in electromagnetic wave form.
SamruddhiPatil037 SamruddhiPatil037 Aug 09, 2016
i liked the story.. its bit filmy though. and I LOVED CHERRY..
pavireddy99 pavireddy99 Oct 23, 2016
hey dear today only i have started to read this story .starting is veryyy good.
dorabhujii dorabhujii Oct 25, 2016
good start....Description abt rithika sis is really CUTE....I am a new reader....Waiting fr smething Interestingg....