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The Colour of Love by sidneetworld11
The Colour of Loveby Aradhya
It is a love story of a doctor and a cricketer no more description just check the story😉😉 👇👇
Once upon a time in Baghdad || Alasmine by ooopssiwrote
Once upon a time in Baghdad || Ala...by SURRRRRR
| Cover credits: @artqueen1 | "You never tell me bout Zafar!" the little girl stated grumpily, frowning at her parents. Her parents sighed. "You want to...
𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐃𝐞𝐯𝐢𝐥'𝐬 𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞 by Adoring_Sidneet
𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐃𝐞𝐯𝐢𝐥'𝐬 𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞by ShivaxSidneet
Main leads :Sidneet Sm1:I want to be a DEVIL👿. I hate Angels👿. Sm2:You are an Angel not a Devil. You should know what happened ! Sm1:Angels betrays. And devils have a...
Warrior by adorable_sidneet
Warriorby sidneet admirer
This is an alasmine fanfic❤️❤️ What happens when two haters are forced to do engagement for a big mission??🤔🤔 Will they fall in love ? Or will live as haters throughou...
The cute billionaire's love by Udita24
The cute billionaire's loveby sidneet
He is one of the richest person in the world and she is a wedding planner, what will happen when their paths cross!!
PERPETUAL LOVE (Discontinued) by HetakshiJatin
PERPETUAL LOVE (Discontinued)by Hetakshi Jatin
story of six people connected by a couple A huge mystery of past and past love Two pluses coming together making each others life more blissful (P/S : No sad end here...
DESTINY ~ It's all just a game of faith..  by fanficby_Aarohi
DESTINY ~ It's all just a game of...by Aarneet ❣️
They say "opposite attracts", well it's truly does An sweet and kind nature girl found her soulmate in a rude guy.. Love is different but.. How will they fall...
Secret Door  by Shining_Star-
Secret Door by ★
A family lived in old palace in which one of the room is haunted...They always feel a spirit in their palace and one day one of them opened the haunted room which was lo...
Khurana's bahuye by sibbon
Khurana's bahuyeby Sabrina 👅
Mr and Mrs khurana has 5 sons, every one is married except Small one. The 4 bhus are finding last one. So, let's see, how they will find this last bahu of mr and Mrs khu...
FOREVER🥀 ❤Sidneet❤ by Sidneet130910
FOREVER🥀 ❤Sidneet❤by Sidneet130910
Two lovers seperated by death. Will they meet in afterlife ? Will they live peacefully in each others embrace in afterlife ? Or will they have to struggle to be together...
Waiting For You by sidneet1327
Waiting For Youby sidneet1327
Love is not as easy as the movies make it seem. life happens and sometimes, you screw up, that too not once but again and again. And due to this you lose many people. Yo...
Love is a magic.And fate is another magic.The cold mafia and a cute thief.Their story is gonna begin. Hai my dear reader i am here with my new and 1st ff.Don't waste you...
❤BANARASI BABU ❤ by niyatichourasia
❤BANARASI BABU ❤by Niyati Chourasia
story of a very rude, arrogant and rich bussinessman who hates girls because past incidents and very beautiful , confident and cheerful girl. Both cross paths at ganga g...
Tum Mere Ho by sidneetxVS
Tum Mere Hoby sidneetxVS
Main leads: Siddharth & Avneet Avneet was rich business woman and she thought she never fell in love again but after seeing him. She changed her mind and want him in her...
Hate to Love  by Achu_03ponnuz_05
Hate to Love by Achu_03ponnuz_05
This is my first story pls forgive my mistakes so this story is about how two rival group leaders accidently get married. The boy is the biggest playboy of college and...
KING by Preetimaheshwari0601
KINGby Preeti Maheshwari
A story about a dangerous mafia king. Ruthless, cold-hearted is his way. He rules entire Asia. But he has his own ups and down. He lost his love. She became broken soul...
Broken Love by Its_Riya_here
Broken Loveby Riya Malhotra
He used her for his revenge Which she didn't even knew, Her friends blamed her, She is broken now but not ready to give up, she lived for her little angel and now she is...
kidnapped by the prince...(completed)  by sidneetian_13
kidnapped by the prince...(complet...by
Avneet Kaur, Who was accidentally kidnapped by the prince....... The key word is 'accidentally' and now she's stuck with the most cold hearted, mean and an arrogant p...
You Belong With Me | Completed by Bosedisha
You Belong With Me | Completedby _atihsid_
Love. What is love? A feeling that makes you vulnerable? A feeling that sends your mind into pure euphoria? A feeling that recognises no barriers? A feeling that will fi...