Married To A Stranger

Married To A Stranger

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Cover credits: DivyaDivya

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''You need to know'' I said softly.

''Why'' she mumbled again.

''Because its YOU sree. Your the girl who striked my interest and you're my first crush. Its always you Sree. ITS ALWAYS YOU'' I said hugging her. She blinked her eyes several times and smiled like an idiot.

My Idiot.

''M-Me ? You're not lying right ?'' I nodded '' OMG its me. Its me yayy'' she started doing a happy dance on my lap.

'' wait a second , then who's your first kiss ?'' She asked me after awhile.

''You'' I mumbled burying my head in her neck.

Lets say its her chance to laugh at me


  If you're looking for a book without Gramatical errors and mistakes you're in wrong place. I suggest you to stop reading. Thank u..

Jay_X_ Jay_X_ Sep 27
Oh my god all these comments, I m in tears now haha.😂😂😂
- - Nov 11
Wait am confused white saree is used in telugu marriages kada?
                              Veil and sitting on bed??? Telugu weddings they walk in right??
rushdaameen rushdaameen Sep 22
But like why u not wanna sleep with me if I'm ur wife? It doesn't make sense this. I don trust u
I just watched a YouTube video of this book...with exact words... is that ur video?
guccipuja guccipuja Sep 27
Bruhhhh, im brown and this is actually our tradition. Im just scared because this story is so far 💯 accurate af
Iss pyarr ko kya naam doon...My favourite😍😍😍😚😚😚😚Arshi😙😙😙😙😚😚😚😚😚love'em...