The Pink Dragon and His Princess   (NaLu)

The Pink Dragon and His Princess (NaLu)

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~Dreamcatcher~ By BooksAreAnotherLife Updated Nov 04, 2016

The Kingdoms of Celestial, Tartaros, and the Hidden Kingdom are at war. 
Lucy Heartfilia, the Crowned Princess of the Celestial Kingdom, is in the middle of it. There is a power inside her. A power so pure, that even the stars themselves wish to be apart of it. In her world, there is no Magic. For Magic was banned when her beloved Mother, the Queen, died. 
There had been rumors that a Mage had ended her life. 
All Mages, fearing for their very lives, did the one thing they could do. 
They ran. 
Years have gone by without so much as a sighting of Magic. That is, until Lucy discovered something that she should have never known about. Something, that the Lord of Tartaros wants. Something, that her mother tried to hide. 

And, it all started, when she found a pink Dragon in her Garden.

Once Upon A Time, a Princess found a Dragon, and their adventure began...

Elvenlocke Elvenlocke May 29
The beginning really grabs the reader making him/she wants more. This is amazing
um wtf wait wait
                              how did i read up to this point and not process any of the words?
THIS, people, is how you should captivate your readers. Third time reading, by the way.
MyDragonsAtTheDisco MyDragonsAtTheDisco Sep 23, 2016
I bet they don't have any problems with monsters. 
                              PJO? Anyone?
Scarlet_Knight Scarlet_Knight Jun 27, 2016
This is really good! I love the beginner, it makes you wanna read even more!
I have no words. I can already tell you have a good plot. This book is already off the charts!