Lost Princess and the Dragon Prince|Nalu|

Lost Princess and the Dragon Prince|Nalu|

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Luciana Euclifia is the long lost princess of the Celestial Kingdom. Sting is her older brother, the Prince of the White Dragon. One day, someone steals her away and the Euclifia family accuses the Dragneel family. 

The kidnapper raises Luciana and changes her name to Lucy and hides her far far away. 

As Lucy grows up, a certain salmoned haired boy kept visiting her when he first saw her. They became the bestest friends, but then one day, he suddenly stopped coming to see her. 

Years past and Lucy grew up to be a beautiful princess, she decides to look for a job and gets accepted to be a maid in the Dragneel's castle. 

In there, she meets the Prince of Flames, Natsu Dragneel. She feels like she's met him before, but can't clearly remember it. But he remembers everything.

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StarkCave StarkCave Aug 07, 2017
shadowishes shadowishes Feb 21, 2017
I'm remembering that guy in FT (I forgot his name) that floats and uses wind magic. Y'know in the part where they're trying to save the guild masters
theStoryfangirl theStoryfangirl Aug 10, 2016
Aw, this is so cute! 😭 But then you know she's going to be kidnapped and taken away so they'll never get to grow up together
_AM007_ _AM007_ Apr 08, 2016
Remember the scene from tangled where she gets stolen...same refence
- - May 22, 2016
Why not do both? 
                              Wednesday here
                              Friday there 
                              Just example
holpheartfilia holpheartfilia Nov 22, 2015
Stiiing.... K sting but please be good in this story please!!!!!