The Celestial Princess' BitterSweet Revenge

The Celestial Princess' BitterSweet Revenge

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TrAshley is the name By oikage Completed

Ever since Cheryll Erisan, Natsu's old best friend came back from the 'dead'
A certain stellar mage has been	being ignored by everyone and was being given the cold shoulder by the fire dragon slayer

Lucy finally had enough and
 quits the guild

She discovers powers hidden deep
 inside her 

The power of Celestial Darkness
A power that is awakened by strong hate...

She soon master's her power with help from "Someone"

What will happen to Lucy?
Will she be able to forgive everyone and return to the guild
Or will hatred consum her and cause her to seek bittersweet revenge from them...
Particularly Natsu and Cheryll

MeowAna-chan MeowAna-chan Mar 11, 2016
Oh thank god! I truly like Lisanna! I ship her with bixlow! *squeals* thanks for it not be clichè
Cereal, make everyone give you a break so they can talk to Luce gosh darn will ya?
Ha. Your name is Cereal. Even my name for my baby couz is better than that.
mysticmagicwolf mysticmagicwolf 5 days ago
Ewww he licked her!! She has germs!!! Jk.but still why why would you lick someone what is so messed up in your head that made you lick a person
ellmarcus ellmarcus Dec 16, 2015
OHMAGHERD THATS SO DEPRESSING!!! PLus they tortured witch is realling dissapointing