The Celestial Princess' BitterSweet Revenge

The Celestial Princess' BitterSweet Revenge

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Ever since Cheryll Erisan, Natsu's old best friend came back from the 'dead'
A certain stellar mage has been	being ignored by everyone and was being given the cold shoulder by the fire dragon slayer

Lucy finally had enough and
 quits the guild

She discovers powers hidden deep
 inside her 

The power of Celestial Darkness
A power that is awakened by strong hate...

She soon master's her power with help from "Someone"

What will happen to Lucy?
Will she be able to forgive everyone and return to the guild
Or will hatred consum her and cause her to seek bittersweet revenge from them...
Particularly Natsu and Cheryll

Loke!!!! Can I be ur bff! Even if your are a flirt I really need to cry on someone's shoulders so that my pain can go away....😭
peace_out12 peace_out12 May 10
I hate everyone that treat lucy bad and calling her all those words. Loke is always there for her😭😭😭
👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Thank you but this really reminds everyone of Lisanna but....THAT MEANS LISANNA ISNT COMING BACK SO *Hair flips* HA Bai Bitchanna! 
                              (Sorry fanfics are getting to me 😅)
arg2166 arg2166 Jan 28
You don't need to insult yourself Cheryll, I'll be your friend.
tbhMoosic_ tbhMoosic_ Feb 09
Not to be a beech or anything, but if Cheryll is strong.......then why'd she die so young............ Sorry, it was just a thought that crossed my mind. I know I'm an idiotic jerk.
Cereal, make everyone give you a break so they can talk to Luce gosh darn will ya?