Good Kid-Bad Kid[COMPLETED]

Good Kid-Bad Kid[COMPLETED]

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He was leaning in the door frame, clad totally in black from his cargo pants to plain t-shirt. The filtered golden light from the window cast his face in a combination of light and shadows. He was tall, lean and looked quite fit. Even my teary eyes could make out his sharp features: the strong jaw line...high cheek bones...straight nose...dark hair. These features were currently arranged in a bored expression as he surveyed me from his spot, his eyes of liquid gold fixated on my brown ones. 

"Who are you?" I finally asked in a small voice.

He pushed himself off the wall with a dangerous smirk.
 "Badr AbdulQadir"


Badr AbdulQadir is the prince of Cedochi, the largest gang in New Forest. He's more familiar with guns and blades then he is with pens and paper. He doesn't care for islam, the devil is his ally. Little does he know his life is about to be flipped around at the arrival of sweet Laila Mohammed who finds herself caught up in the deadly games of the underworld. Is it possible for a boy brought up with darkness to fall for a girl who emanates light, and vice versa? And in the race against time is there even a question of such a trivial thing as love?

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ahsya_naifus ahsya_naifus Jun 08, 2017
They have cats @-augustqueen 
                              And you donnttt, (not yet 😏)
PwincessFaiz786 PwincessFaiz786 Apr 07, 2017
It's really weird because I live in a place near the new forest
Museera183 Museera183 Apr 09, 2017
Hey! I just started reading this book and i like it.I wanted to say that Kashmir is not a part of India.It's a disputed territory.same as Palestine and Israel..Kashmiris want their land to be a part of Pakistan...
Prometheus_Unbound Prometheus_Unbound Apr 15, 2017
Even though I am stingy with compliments​ but I love your writing. Such a breath of fresh air grammatically correct, intriguing, beautifully written. If I were you I would remove the apologies in the intro. This is your story, your vision please don't apologize for it.
aroushakhan786 aroushakhan786 Apr 29, 2017
I would.say the same about me but we don't say soccer we say football ! :)
PwincessFaiz786 PwincessFaiz786 Apr 07, 2017
It's so sad how some people think just because you're Muslim you can speak Arabic 😣😔