Fix me (COMPLETED) #Wattys2016

Fix me (COMPLETED) #Wattys2016

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Rania By Ronymacaronni Completed

Highest ranking, #1 in spiritual ( 10/7/2016 ) until ( 5/ 9/ 2016 ).        

How can you fix something that's already been broken, several times?

I am damaged, used and repulsive... I am nothing, just simply unfixable. Or at least that's what people told me. I've kept to myself for a long time now until I met someone who is just as unfixable as me.
I am Layla and this is my story. 

Layla Joseph and Adam Hayek cross paths at the most unexpected time. They make a deal, they decide to get married for their own selfish reasons. Put two strangers in one house and see what happens... one of them is a first class bipolar asshole who has no faith left, while the other one is a sweet, fragile girl with baggage in the form of a little angel, who happens to be strengthening her faith. 

Both are broken... unfixable they say and both have a past that haunts them. 

 A marriage of convenience is what they had in mind... But will there be more or will they let their pasts get in the middle and drive them away from each other, leaving them yet again unfixable?



Warning! This book will most probably contain mature language at some point. This book is not meant to be preaching about islam, rather its a book about characters who happen to be muslims struggling with their faith and life.

It's a FICTIONAL book, my imagination did the work for me. Anything else could be a coincidence.


I'm not a perfect Muslimah and this book isn't a perfect Islamic book either. Please have an open mind when you read this book. Thank you.

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Anna90Alex Anna90Alex Oct 05
If i were in her place, i would never be able to look at the child with love. She/He will always be a reminder of someone that destroyed my life. I know the baby is innocent. But for me, the vilest crime in the world forcing himself on someone else.
i thought this was going to be about christians when i read the description (until it said it's about muslims) because of their last name. especially hayek. it's a very popular christian family in lebanon (i think, then again i live in florida so i wouldn't know that much)
this is very creepy. you have the same name as my mom (rania) and this is my sister's name except we spell it malak
BoldnBeautiful BoldnBeautiful 6 days ago
I get you. It is really uncomfortable. I jurt feel terrible for people that have experienced anything like this. May Allah help them.
It's not ur fault! You didn't have a choice. Allah musamih karkari
BoldnBeautiful BoldnBeautiful 6 days ago
The chapter starts off so beautiful and by the end I'm just 😭😭😭😭