It's Understandable: A Tronnor AU

It's Understandable: A Tronnor AU

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Sydney KS By gentlerways Completed

Troye Mellet is not popular. He's middle class in the teenage hierarchy and the head of the bitter kids. Cocky "populars" and superficial teens are his enemies, and high-school society his hell. But, behind the social ruse that is his hatred, there is a deep sadness. Loneliness; bottled and festering into complete misery.

Connor Franta is popular, and he is weighed down by that label. He's the shyest one of his group, the vulnerable one, the easiest one to tease. Terrified of losing his "friends," even with their constant bullying, Connor's life is a whirlwind of anxiety. He's miserable, but the idea of sitting alone at lunch shakes him to his core. 

When a group of underdog teachers notice their unfortunate similarities, these seemingly polar opposites are brought together. Both boys find life-altering answers, love and comfort within a person they've been trained to hate. After all, since when did the truest kind of love care about status?

TW: self-harm, eating disorders, talk of suicide, gun violence, smoking. (Nothing to the extent of a mature content filter)

Wait wtf the high school I'll go to gets out at like 4:20!
                              Lol what a coincidence
I'm sorry but I read it as 'dank paper world' and I can't stop wheezing
Awwww my heart is hurting so bad. I just want to jump into the boon and hug him
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Bitch I'm middle class and I'm as skinny as a stick smh
                              i wAnt to gain weight like please ik I don't eat much but it's because I have a small stomach
Ohhh that explains everything, I always wondered why I'm overweight. Thanks mate, appreciate it