Mysterious Twins ~An Ouran High school Host club Fan fiction~

Mysterious Twins ~An Ouran High school Host club Fan fiction~

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Dreaming till' I die By Countless_Dreams Updated Aug 01

~When a certain pair of Identical twins end up joining Ouran High school in an attempt to move on from the past, they meet a certain Host Club that'll change their life.~

Even though Raven and Skye are Identical they couldn't be any more different.

Raven is very confident, always standing up for her sister. After all, her number one concern is her sister. She has a habit of speaking her mind, especially to 'brats', and she often ends up yelling at people, but that's where Skye comes in.

Skye is a shy and timid girl. She finds herself stopping Raven a lot, but that doesn't change their relationship. While Skye may be afraid to speak her mind at times, she always finds a way to help others. 

When Skye and Raven end up in the doors of the Ouran Host club, they don't realize how much of an adventure it'll be.  They find themselves in limousines,  at private beaches, tropical water parks, and lots more.  It becomes an adventure for both the Host club and the twins. The Host Club's King decides to make it certain that Skye and Raven end up enjoying the Host Club. He also decides to figure out why these twins came to Japan in the first place. The twins, on the other hand, decide to keep their past a secret and to dislike the Host Club for her own reasons. 

The Hitachiin twins find Raven and Skye interesting due to several facts. First of all,  they're the only other pair of identical twins in the school, secondly they're total opposites,  and thirdly,  Raven and Skye seem to have a secret.

What becomes of Skye and Raven once they get involved in the Host Club? Will the Host Club figure out about their past? And if they do, what happens to Skye and Raven after that? Read on to find out!

-Thanks for reading!-
~Disclaimer: I do not own Ouran high school host club or any of their characters~

Lmao I can relate to her (I just don't say go to hell to my parent I just groaned and fell back asleep)
But we have to go together! School is important even though it sux arse
XD me and my little sister, Maddie. Except she threatens to shoot me in the head with her nerf gun.
wolfgirl20033 wolfgirl20033 Nov 20, 2016
I'm sky then I get up and have to wake up my sister..... She's Raven
AllAmericanWolfs AllAmericanWolfs Sep 29, 2016
This kinda reminds me of how MDE split up... And what was going on during it...
Easy.If Kyoya keeps talking then just announce to the school that haruhi is a girl.