Haruhi's sister (mori/oc)

Haruhi's sister (mori/oc)

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Sam By Sammymbaker99 Updated Nov 19

I'm haruhi's sister, Aika, I am one year older and ever since are mother died it had been hard, but haruhi and me have been trying, especially for are dad. We both got into ouran highschool this year as I was going to try last year but didn't want to leave haruhi behind so I waited. I am a year ahead of her but I'm still glad we both got in on a free scholarships. 

I thought nothing interesting would happen.

...I though wrong.

And to think it started with the 3rd music room and a really tall guy

I'm freaked out.. That's my nickname.. AHHHHH!! It's soo weird to see this! Literally the exact same spelling.
My mind was so dirty when I read the first sentence 😂😂😱😰😆
Sorry, I know you probably won't change this but if you do thanks, it's just that it's our instead of are 😅😃