The day the women vanished...

The day the women vanished...

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Akin Rujomu By Akin_Rujomu Completed

3.5 billion women have vanished from the face of the earth, and Brian Fanning is the key to getting them back. 

One minute she's there lying beside you and the next she's gone...vanished into thin air. Yet, worse is to come as nothing remains of your loved one; none of her imagery or even her voice - everything wiped out like she'd never existed even though you know better. 

This is the nightmarish world earth's menfolk and the male species of every animal on the planet now have to face up to as leaders unite and race against time to find the answers to the inexplicable vanishings before life as we know it becomes extinct. 

In the midst of the horror is Brian Fanning a discredited psychic who believes he knows what may have caused the vanishings, and Professor Johnson, a world renowned astrophysicist. Between the two, the men know they must work together to seek a way of reverting Mother Nature's ire by convincing all opposing sides to put aside their differences for the sake of all life itself.