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Itachi's daughter

Itachi's daughter

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Camille By swimminggirlatpeak Completed

Tsukiko is the daughter of Itachi and Reika Uchiha. Itachi and Reika were lovers before Itachi killed the Uchiha clan leaving Sasuke as the sole survivor. But while Reika is giving birth to Tsukiko she dies from blood loss leaving Tsukiko motherless. After Itachi leaves for the Akatsuki he brings his daughter and they live with each other for 6 years of her life until she is sent to go on a mission with her father and Kisame. While on the mission she is captured by the Konoha's ninja's and is forced to stay there until Itachi brings her back home. She meets Naruto, Sakura, and uncle Sasuke when she stays at Konoha. Read to find out what happens to her in the future.


No you didn't. You caught an innocent child, you idiots. 😒😒😒
Amyb2007 Amyb2007 6 days ago
zabuza's swords?!
                               Did she kill him then I will be so happy
                              I really don't like that motherfucker and I think Haku is gay because I ship him with That damn Zabuza
She will just end up on a sugar high or as deidara's "art". No big deal.
Lol!!! I love the first part of the sentence. Classic. 😂😂😂
How can you not love youthful people?
                              "At least I love you!"
                              "Gai sensei!"
                              "Gai sensei!"
                              Leap into each others arms and starts crying**
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