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Kakashi's Kid (Naruto fanfic Completed)

Kakashi's Kid (Naruto fanfic Completed)

15.6K Reads 467 Votes 30 Part Story
Emii By Alpha_Emii Completed

Tsukiko had had it rough. Living with her slightly psychotic mother was hell for her and she had scars to prove it. She knew who her father was and where it was that he lived, but only after escaping her mother did she manage to finally arrive where he lived. Konoha. Entering Konoha she became able to stay there and join a team with the rest of the Genin. Who's team with she be on? And how will her father react to her existence after already losing a child of his own flesh and blood before? When she gets closer to those in Konoha, what will happen between her and a certain Inuzuka Clan member?

Only Tsukiko and her mother, and any other made up characters belong to me. The rest all belong to their respective owners. If they all belonged to me then I would be one of the happiest girls there was. This contains spoilers so you have been warned. Read if you wish but don't moan if I spoil something for you cause you have been warned beforehand already.

puppyloverkay123 puppyloverkay123 Dec 25, 2016
THIS REMINDS ME OF TEAM 7!!!!!!!!!! I mean Naruto is like Obito, sauske like Kakashi, and sakura like Rin!!!!!!!
spookishima spookishima Feb 08
^ I think obito is more like sasuke because they were both out for revenge. But kakashi is laid back while naruto is outgoing
- - Oct 11, 2015
This is awesome I'm loving this its so amazing I love love love this
Alpha_Emii Alpha_Emii Sep 19, 2015
Awww well I'm glad you're enjoying it, I hope getting the emotions across is what I'm doing accurately...... haha ^_^
Dragonwarrior104 Dragonwarrior104 Sep 19, 2015
It's very nice so far. I don't know about other people but when I read books I feel the emotions, pain, joy and curiosity are the main things I feel and receive from books and and pain and hurt really got to me, it retched my heart. 
                              Please update soon ^_^