A handful of Shadows (BoyxBoy)

A handful of Shadows (BoyxBoy)

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Dear Randoms (As in, not my fans) This is a sequel and a boy love story <3 Go read 'A little bit of Light' if your intreasted in reading this <3

*Riley's POV*



"So, I was like, wondering if maybe, you wanted to go on a date with me?" the girl standing before me was not at all my type. First of all-she was a female. Second, she was an idiot. I'd always liked smart girls when I thought I was straight, and now I liked smart boys.

This girl was an idiot "Sorry Cecelia, I'm gay, remember?" I gave her a softening smile, trying to hold myself back from sneering at her idiocy-I was still popular, I still knew how to play the game. This girl had a lot of friends-I needed all the gay supporters I could get.

She stared at me, uncomprehending "That doesn't mean you can't date girls"

If I was a girl, I'd slap her. "Well, yeah, it sort of does..."

"You dated Katy" she points out. Oh my...

"I was in the closet back then. I only like guys Ceclia"

"Ooohh I get it" she gave me a bright sm...

Kara_Luna Kara_Luna May 05
Omg i almost died, totally thought he was asking someone out😂😂
I'm so sad I was crying from the last book and now I'm here in the sequel still crying
SelfishWish SelfishWish Aug 22, 2016
*becomes a ghost* *whispers* let me into the story~ please~ I've already died from the last book~ please~
Just finished the first book now I'm on to this one. 
                              Ur awesome keep writing
SelfishWish SelfishWish Aug 22, 2016
You should die. That popularity will get you nowhere in the future anyways. I can already see you working in a Burger King just to "make a life".
- - Jun 15, 2016
My baby boo Quinn! Why do you make his life so sad?? He's my favourite!!!