A handful of Shadows (BoyxBoy)

A handful of Shadows (BoyxBoy)

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Dear Randoms (As in, not my fans) This is a sequel and a boy love story <3 Go read 'A little bit of Light' if your intreasted in reading this <3

*Riley's POV*



"So, I was like, wondering if maybe, you wanted to go on a date with me?" the girl standing before me was not at all my type. First of all-she was a female. Second, she was an idiot. I'd always liked smart girls when I thought I was straight, and now I liked smart boys.

This girl was an idiot "Sorry Cecelia, I'm gay, remember?" I gave her a softening smile, trying to hold myself back from sneering at her idiocy-I was still popular, I still knew how to play the game. This girl had a lot of friends-I needed all the gay supporters I could get.

She stared at me, uncomprehending "That doesn't mean you can't date girls"

If I was a girl, I'd slap her. "Well, yeah, it sort of does..."

"You dated Katy" she points out. Oh my...

"I was in the closet back then. I only like guys Ceclia"

"Ooohh I get it" she gave me a bright sm...

Kara_Luna Kara_Luna May 05, 2017
Omg i almost died, totally thought he was asking someone out😂😂
Dreambiglove101 Dreambiglove101 Mar 30, 2017
I'm so sad I was crying from the last book and now I'm here in the sequel still crying
NGshadowcat NGshadowcat May 14, 2018
I read to the first 5 chapters before realizing thus was a sequel
jlcjazmine jlcjazmine Jan 17, 2018
thank the lord, that is non-existent, for making Charlie avoid him!
- - Aug 22, 2016
*becomes a ghost* *whispers* let me into the story~ please~ I've already died from the last book~ please~
NequeForgeron NequeForgeron Jan 29, 2017
Just finished the first book now I'm on to this one. 
                              Ur awesome keep writing