Still Hated

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Samantha By samanthaaaaa Updated 3 years ago
Katt used to be chubby, ugly, have glasses- the classical nerd. But she went through a transformation, loosing the glasses and weight and turning pretty, but still no one liked her. She changed schools after being picked on everyday. Her new school has amazingly gorgeous guys, but only has girls like she used to be-chubby and ugly.
    She is still hated because of the other girls’ jealousy but is the object of every guys affection.
Oh my gosh that is sooo...sad:(.....she shud.of listened 2 Chris:P....
@daydreamer1977 As a girl who lived in Vermont for 8 years, believe me it's true. There are tons of cute guys, but most of the girls are frightening. :)
well like i read it on my ipod. this is the first thing it came to on my computer... i mean the whole story and all is amazing. not just the charcters
Duuude.! The begining sounds kinda like how it used to be for me && when iChanged no one wanted to accept it.! Creeepyyy. O_o Pleasee Keep Writing.! :D Now Im Interested. :P