One of the guys

One of the guys

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Brooklyn banks is a not a regular kind of girl. She has all guy friends and loves skating and on the baseball team. she might seem tough in the out side, but she's breaking in the Inside
Her dad died from being in the army.
Her mom died from cancer.
She had to move in with her aunt 
Her aunt hates her
what happens if She starts to like her best friend
What if she snaps 
What's If she changes her look?
Read to find out..

Cover by @rose_tyler_dauntless! Make sure to check her our, she amazing!

Also remember I wrote this when I was 13 so it's alittle cringe 😓

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xxxwdwxxx xxxwdwxxx Feb 07
I have a friend named mason and I have a freaking crush on him too but not only that my twin has a crush on him too... 😂😭why- why me ? ?  fml
Roses are red
                              Violets are blue
                              Cacti are prickly and...
                              All I can say is this escalated quickly!
My friend switched classes to match her boyfriends schedule. She left me for her boyfriend 😭😭😭 it’s sad because I have no social life and look like a deformed pig. I can’t do the the same to her because my only other friend is my tub of rocky road Ben and Jerry’s.
The comebacks are really cringey like no hate what so ever but u need to learn better comebacks
I don’t know why, but I want a gay friend. They are hilarious😂 I have a Bi-Sexy-whale(what she calls bisexual) friend and she is a complete comedian!
idek_07 idek_07 Mar 22
I have more guy friends than girls because I think they’re less likely to stab me in the back and they hella funny