Let The Flames Begin ✓ | Mikey Way

Let The Flames Begin ✓ | Mikey Way

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I held the cigarette between my teeth, lighting it up with the lighter and took a drag, leaning my head back against the brick building. I played with the wheel of the lighter, watching it spark, and every now and then, briefly burn.

It was a lot like life, about how it would spark and fade. There are those certain moments in life that flare up and spark. Those are the memories that you would remember for a lifetime, either good or bad. Sometimes they would grow into more, and burn. Some things burned brighter than others. But if you weren't careful, the flames could burn you. They would eat you up, and swallow you whole.

And I had already let the flames begin.

A Mikey Way / My Chemical Romance fanfiction (High school AU) / complete ✓

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emofrentrash emofrentrash Dec 03, 2017
i hate the word faggot. it’s just such an ugly word like yeah im gay but don’t call me that... you get what im saying?
Mxkey_Wxy Mxkey_Wxy Jul 29, 2017
BriLovesMusicandMore BriLovesMusicandMore Aug 27, 2017
We have 3 minutes between classes, and none of mine are consecutive and on the same floor.
_SexyMilkyWilky__ _SexyMilkyWilky__ Aug 09, 2017
Snow? I live in california on the coast. Near san fran. More near oakland. WHERES SNOW? HUDDKDJFJF
Mikeys__Unicorn Mikeys__Unicorn Aug 23, 2017
Same, Mikey. Same. But to the boys in the back...FIGHT ME!!! I DARE YOU!!!
arushi29m arushi29m Jun 04, 2015
So i finally decided i should read this now.... you go brain