BloodLust (Scomiche)

BloodLust (Scomiche)

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"Don't make this any harder than it has to be..." 

"Who are you?!???!!"

"You'll find out soon enough lil' rabbit..."

"Please... Leave me alone..."

"I can't..."


I didn't hear any movement anymore... I'm safe...


Bloodlust is the biggest band in the world.  Scott Hoying is the leader along with Avi Kaplan and Kevin Olusola.  He and his band mates share a secret, they're werewolves, however Scott has the biggest one of all... He's a hybrid vampire/werewolf from the result of a torrid love affair...
Mitch Grassi is just your average lovable guy who just goes with the flow, but little did he know that a certain concert that his best friend Kirstie Maldonado "won" tickets to would change his life forever...

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moonlighthoying moonlighthoying Mar 29, 2016
I'm about 1800 years late, but as a fellow author, this idea sounds fun and amazing
urbiah urbiah Feb 06, 2015
I don't usually download books like this, but I'm hoping that this will be interesting.
ponderingcreativity ponderingcreativity Nov 28, 2014
So excited to read this! I've been anticipating the day that you finally write a fic, and you come out with this! Love it :)
piscesdva2473 piscesdva2473 Nov 25, 2014
LOL!!! I just started the story and I had it under horror, maybe that's why??? IDK Wattpad is weird...LOL!!!
piscesdva2473 piscesdva2473 Nov 19, 2014
Thank you darling... I'm trying to update but my schedule is so hectic right now... Hopefully, I will have Ch. 2 up by this weekend... *fingers crossed*
mariian1 mariian1 Nov 18, 2014
Please update, Can't wait for more, I need to know what happens next, Is he going to get caught or will he be able to escape