saving mitch ↠ scömìche

saving mitch ↠ scömìche

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〝 "scott?" i said quietly, gaining his attention. "hm?" scott mumbled.

i sat next to him and we didn't look at each other. "i'm sorry," i said after some silence.

in that small, silent moment, i could feel my heart rip apart at my words and i nearly heard his breaking. "okay," he said very quietly, like as if he didn't want me to hear it, "i am too."

and that's when mine completely tore. 〞


trigger warnings:
this story includes the following ;;
suicidal thoughts, depression, self hatred, mature language & one sexual/smutty scene. if you're not comfortable with any of those, i highly suggest for you to skip this book and go onto the next.

{ completed }

{ will undergo minor editing soon }

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So, that is what is on my 'Pentaholic' playlist right now. I'm listening to it right as I write this.
JYK0201 JYK0201 Aug 11
World is a big place and there are plenty of people who can love and support you
MyanWood MyanWood Apr 12
Nothing is wrong with being gay so why do people say it's a bad thing
scomicheptx101 scomicheptx101 Nov 30, 2016
Love it already! Starting strong with a AMAZKNF song lyric!!