Drink Me Dry

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dirtylittlesecret-x By dirtylittlesecret-x Updated 3 years ago
"Your mine" he growled into my ear pinning me against the wall proceeding to crash his lips to mine and then what do I do? I kiss the jerk back.     Kit is taken away from her life and brought to the institute by the vampire in charge Master Callum. Vampires are supposed to sustain off human blood but its against vampire law since vampires self control was taken from them over two hundred years ago.  Callum has found his way around that law with an institute full of humans but are they still human anymore?  Kit finds herself in the middle of two different sides of vampires, slowly learning about vampire history and the prophecy  that they won't tell her about.  The worst of it is she can't stand Callum but can't stand to be away from him.....life at the institute just keeps getting better.
Like it alot. Im writting a story to its called Love me & Bite me
The answer to you first question ' who is your fav character' I would have to say Kit and I know it's Stuped but... Marc *sheezy smile* lol but anyways love the book so gona read the second book but also up date the second book befor I get to it pleeaassee!!!
                                    i hate vampire stories but sum how i simply cannot  resist vampire diaries....your cover is ah-mazing! just one look at it and i HAD to profess my undying love......yours is the only vampire story that i am excited to read :)
                                    xXXXXXXx :* :*
Ahhh OMG. I just finished reading it. And to say. I am quite in love with the story. I love Callum & Daniel. Can't choose. Lol. Already love the sequel & haven't even read a full chapter.
wow love the chappy gosh im never ever gonna walk down an alley
Love the cover!!!!!!! Omg I so am OBSESSED with the vampire diaries!!!!! Eeeeeppp!! ^~^ >_<