Breaking Steel Walls [ON HOLD]

Breaking Steel Walls [ON HOLD]

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Krystal Her By Miss_Krys Updated Aug 05, 2016

'Also, I have received news that Amy will be in attendance as well. Along with Mr. Anderson.'

This caused Jason's body to freeze and tense.

'What do you want to do sir? Do you still wish to attend?'

At that moment, he came up with a brilliant plan. It's about time he stopped avoiding Amy and Nicholas and showed them just how great he was doing without them. This plan would make Amy jealous and make her realize just how much she was missing. Make her realize what she could have had if she just stayed with him.

'Oh, I'll be attending all right,' he paused. 'And make sure to tell the host that I will be bringing a guest with me.'

While he was saying that, he wasn't looking at Marshall but straight at 
Krystal. She was confused at first and was wondering why he was looking at her like that until her brain registered what he just said and her eyes widened in shock and realization.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Krystal and Jason bump into each other on the streets of New York City one day and results in Jason getting a sprained wrist. They both never thought they'd see each other again but boy were they wrong. What happens when Jason is told that his cheating ex-girlfriend will be at an event that he was planning to attend later that night? Well, he comes up with a plan. Make her jealous. And that's where Krystal fits in.

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lydias_rose lydias_rose Jun 27, 2016
Am I the only one who thinks it's kinda sexist that the two girls are nurses and the tow dudes are doctors?
coolchick93 coolchick93 Jul 18, 2016
I'm krystal and also  22 yrs old, reading a story about krystal written  by krystal! Should be entertaining..😉
soilaa9 soilaa9 Aug 09, 2016
Breaking the steel walls reminds me of the anime Haikyuu.... Am I the only one?
jthorne49131 jthorne49131 Feb 26, 2015
... So she has a past huh. But her mom seemed so funny when they texted. 
jthorne49131 jthorne49131 Feb 26, 2015
So this will have betrayals, lies, and secrets...... Well I'm getting scared now. Just as long as  Krystal isn't in any arrange marriage deals then I think I can live with this. (Though she doesn't seem like the kind of character that would go along with that anyway.)
Miss_Krys Miss_Krys Feb 25, 2015
Um, not really. I mean I know what you mean but I've seen worse. But I understand you, like Jason was 18 when Krystal was 14.