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She Is Mine

She Is Mine

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32Tyga😘😘 By 32tyga Updated 13 hours ago

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💖#1 in Chicklit, 4th June, 2017...
💖#1 in Chicklit 17th June,2017

"You knew it was me!! I had even asked for your permission! Then why would you do that??" I asked annoyed.
He smirked lightly and got up from his chair. He stood in front of me only a few inches away.. My breathings were fast and my mind stopped thinking..
"Because..." He said his blue eyes piercing into mine. The colour of his eyes was ocean blue! One could surely mistake them as grey.. They are so beautiful...
Carly!! What are you thinking???
Right! What am I thinking? I snapped myself back into the reality. His face was so close to mine. I should have pushed him back but I didn't! Because I couldn't think straight!!
My brain had lost the control!
"Because.. I simply can!" He said in a silent cold voice and pulled away..
I stood there dumbfounded..
What the hell was that??

Scarlett Brown.. The only girl in the Brown family. She has 5 elder brothers.. Anyone would love to have Protective brother like Braddon, a loving brother like Dean, a sweet and understanding brother like Evan, a irritating partner in crime like Casper and a twin like Samuel...She is damn happy in her life with her 5 brothers who run 'Browns and co.'

Alden Collins.. The owner of Collin's Enterprises.. The typical billionaire who can go to any extent for his company. Heart cold as ice.. Temper hot as blue flame..  His mind thinking at the speed of light.. Senses sharp as knife.. 

Two people, one story..

Give it a try guys.. I really hope you like it...

David Jones the store.... I can't Oh my good ness that is so funny!
Hahahaha I don't think I'll be able to take the character seriously if david jones is mentioned 24/7. Just can't get the store out of my mind
ReneKimSY ReneKimSY 6 days ago
tbh he is more good looking than the main male character 😭
sMiLe_n sMiLe_n Jun 07
Well dang.. with hot brothers like them, it's no wonder she has high tastes for boyfriends
                              Lol if it was me, I would be having a MAJOR brother complex😅😅
who_you1212 who_you1212 4 days ago
I-I sjgzdjkdbsjsnsjsksjsusjsoeysn bssinsjene... umm I meant to say umm.. WILL YOU MARRY MEEEEE
who_you1212 who_you1212 4 days ago
You know what time it is
                              It time of our lives
                              It's summer vacation 🎶