My Bully Is Falling For Me (A Princeton Story )

My Bully Is Falling For Me (A Princeton Story )

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_Call_Meh_Masha By _Call_Meh_Masha Updated Jul 02, 2013

Leyla's P.O.V

I was walking down the hall, and suddenly Boom! i got slammed into a locker again!

" wheres my money?" Jacob said suddenly " I-I don't have any today Jacob i'm sorry. please don't hurt me." I said with tears faling. " didn't I tell you to bring money yesterday?" Jacob said sternly. " y-yes. please don't hurt me! i just went to t he hostpital yesrterday for what you did to me!". " well it looks like your gonna have to go back soon". " please i'm begging you princeton please d-" thats  when i felt a sharp pain go across my face then i blacked out instantly. Was I dead? Was I alive? I don't know what to think right now.

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I'm sorry but Fernado was gonna get squeezed if he gonna hit on me bruh .
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I did NOT mean to delete those!!! My sensitive phone will just click on anything!!! I'm so sorry guys !!! I did not mean to delete them! I need a new phone like forrreal!!! Lols but I'm so sorry!