Chapter 14

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Jacob pov

Yea I wanted to make her feel special today. Shes my #1 girl and That's it. I love her so much. POINT BLANK.

As we walked in,she looked amused. I've been here before but she hasn't. I love it when she's happy. It leaves a good feeling in my heart. She turned to me and smiled.

"Thank you so much!". She smiled oh how I love her smile. Her smile could be the sun if it wanted. "No boy has ever done this for me. I feel so special". That's exactly what I wanted to hear. We walked a little more and talked.

"As long as you're MY girl, you are special. And as long as you're with me you'll get lots. Remember that.". She looked up at me with her beautiful sparkly eyes as they beamed. "Thank you".

"You're welcome now, come here". I pulled her face up at me and kissed her passionatley. I heard the D.J over in the corner whispering something but I didn't hear what he said.

"KISSING CAM!!!!". We stopped and looked. People all over the place were saying 'oooooooo'. Leyla looked and blushed as she buried her head in my chest. "It's ok baby, I got you. Don't worry.".

"Can we eat now?. I'm hungry". We walked over to the front desk and ordered LOTS of coins. We walked over to a table and sat down and waited for our waitress to come. We talked for a little bit. The waitress came and asked us what we wanted.

"Hi I'm Bella and what would you like to eat tonite?". She smiled. And my pervert self said. "Leyla". Leyla gasped and punched me in my arm. She was blushing. I'm pretty good at this. We looked at each other as if we read each others minds. "Hot wings".

"Ok your order will be ready in about 15 minutes". She left the table with a smile. Leyla looked like she wanted to say something. "Can I ask you a question?" I looked her in her eyes and I could tell she was serious. "Sure".

"Well can you promise me you'll never fall in love with any other girl or cheat on me". She was really serious about this. "Well I can promise the second one but not the first one." I said nonchalantly. "And why is is that?". She had a chip of attitude in her voice. "Well because the same little girl is going to be call you mommy one day".

"Awwwww thanks Jakey Pooh!". She smiled and cooed to me. "You're welcome. Now, c'more and give me some sugar bae". I felt something flat on my lips. It was her hand."Sorry, you've already gotten one kiss out of me. No more". I made a puppy face but she wasn't buying it. I decided to get seductive. I leaned over to where her neck was.

"You're rejecting me now, but you won't be later on when you're screaming my name". I kissed her neck softly. I felt her blushing. "ok since you're challenging me, let's get nasty. Whoever gives in first, wins". She sent chills down my spine. I leaned back over to her neck again. "Let the games begin". I kissed her neck again.

"I have to go to the ladies room Jakey". She sounded innocent but sexy. As she was walking, I noticed she got thickER. She bent down because she 'dropped' her purse. Damn she got things I wanna do her whenever we get alone. I don't care if I lose, she getting some


When she came out her boobs were pushed up a little bit more. O hecks yeah there's no doubt she's getting some. When our food came out my eyes lit up. I was in a dream. As we were eating, some sauce from the hot wings dropped in between her boobs. "Oops!" She got an paper towel and wiped it slow . I got in a daze "Damnnn". I whispered under my breath. "Are you ok Jakey?". She asked with a sinister smile. "I give up!!! I can't rake it anymore. You're getting some tonite". She laughed. "I knew I would win".

We got up and started with the games. The first game was this jump rope game to see how fast you can go. It started off slow. I looked at her in slow motion. When she jumped, I noticed she had on pink lace under wear. Oh my gosh. I was so horny right now. As soon as she got home, it was home. And her parents are gone for a week too ? She gon get it!

After all of the games we went home with a big Teddy Bear I got for her.

When she got in the house she said she was really hot so she took off her dress, leaving her in her matching pink undergarments. I took off mines too with my boxers on only. I motioned her to sit in my lap facing me.

"Baby are you ready?". I asked and she smiled and nodded. I started kissing her neck in the spot I did before. I heard her moan softly which turned me on even more. I was kissing her and then I started to unhook her bra. And after that I took of her underwear. We headed upstairs to her bed. I took off my boxers and she gasped. I was big. I put on two condoms to make sure she doesn't get pregnant.

I started sliding in. I could tell it her hurt because she was gasping. Then we sped it up a little she started to moan. "Faster! Faster! Ooo f---!" I went fast and harder. She was moaning loud. "I'm gonna c--! " she squirted out. And so did I but I pulled out. We flipped over and she started riding me. I was groaning and grunting. She was pretty good. We rotated all night till we fell asleep we did different positions.

That was fun.


I just had the best SEX EVER!

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