Chapter 3

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Leyla P.O.V

As I sat there weeping quietly when I fell asleep. I fell in my dream

( Dream ) 

I woke up in a house. I did not know whos house it was but then I saw somebody he came up to me and said " hi Leyla" he said. " how do you know my name?" " youll find out who I am soon but in the meantime, here take this. He gave me a beautiful necklace that looked like this ( it was beautiful! " thanks. but who are you?" I asked. " you will find out soon, but I love you Leyla" he said calmy as he gave me a kiss on the cheek. " bye " he said. " bye" i said back. I woke up then and I just thought about my dream all day long.

Few Weeks Later

 Leyla P.O.V

so ive been alright I am back in schhol now. uhhh! I hope he doesnt put me back in the hostpital!

" hey loser I heard you just came out the hostpital" jacob said laughing with his pathetic freind. " please leave me alone Jacob If I go back to the hostpital, i will be dead" I said. "well nobody likes you anyway so die" thats when the whole hallway started laughing. I instantly started crying. I ran to the bathroom and sat there and cried for an whole hour since school was over with. Then I noticed school was out and I walked home. " hi swetie how was school?" my mom said woth a smile on her face. " same old thing just a different day" I said as i moped up the stairs. I went in the bathroom and looked for something sharp. I saw sciccors and I got them and tok of my jacket and dragged through my arm.  Blood dripped everywhere but I liked it. I turned on the shower and took al my clothes off and ran hot water. the pain seeped in but I did not care. i liked it. I just wish my life was back to being fun. so I prayed that it would and went to sleep. I just wish we were freinds again.

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