Chapter 4

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Leyla P.O.V

Since its was saturday, i got up and took a bath. My mom was gone out with her freinds so i decided to buy some scented candles and some sweet smelling soap.  iwe nt to the store with my own money and came back home. I lit the candles and and took off all of my clothes anmd put my hair in a bun. I sat in my warm water. ohhh! it felt soo good! I wish I could do this everyday! Since my mom was goin to be out of the house all night i decided to go to sleep in the tub and thats when I fell into my dream.

( Leyla's Dream )

I noticed I was still in the bath tub whe n iheard some footsteps. I looked back and saw someone. He looked familiar but i couldn't make it out. " hi leyla" he said with a warm smile on his face. " hi " I said. " looks like you got comfortable huh?" he said laughing a little. " yeah, its the only thing so far that makes me happy you know over what happens at school" I said with my smile dropping and a tear falling. " dont cry. everything will be alright. Just know that I love you and i always will." he said holding up my chin. " but i'm miserable everyday! I just wanna be happy again!" i said crying. " ill make it up to you when i can. I promise. I will make it up to you in the real world. Youll be happy again. ill make sure of it. well I love you and never forget that. bye leyla" he said giving me a kiss on the lips. " bye". after that i woke up instantly. whoa, that was a good dream!

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