Chapter 9

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Jacob P.O.V

After that dream, I did not know what to say. I was just in a daze. I got up out of the bed and washed my face. And brushed my teeth. I decided to take another nap. What? I LOVE to sleep!


I was in a club having fun. I was dancing with this banging girl but I noticed this BEAUTIFUL girl across the room. Of course, I went over there and started to check her and talk to her. She had this fitting black and gold dress on with black spiked wedges. MAN SHE WAS HOT! But she looked like she was forced to be there because she looked so sweet and eh was crying. She got up and went to the bathroom. I followed her through the crowd.

*In the bathroom*

*crying* Oh My Gosh!!! Why would he do that? I'm tired of this! I'm sick and tired of him beating me and I'm letting him do it!! He's even put me in the hospital!!! He doesn't care about me getting hurt. And I'm trying to give him more and more chances until I really tell my mom. But I don't wanna do it because I wanna be his friend again. God Please Let Me be his friend!!! Please!!! You know what? I'll just kill Myself then. She took out a knife and pointed it to her stomach. I saw it go in and I heard her flesh ripping she started to look unconscious.

" No!!!! " I grabbed the knife out of her hand. " what are you doing?! Don't kill yourself over him! He's stupid and doesn't know how to show his feelings. That's why he's always hurting you!!!! What have I done?! Stop! Her eyes started to close slowly. I gently grabbed the knife out of her stomach.

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