Chapter 6

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Leyla P.O.V

I just came from school. Jacob pushed me against the wall again! And he hurt my cut and embarrassed me In front of the whole school! And the worst part, we have to do a project where we have make up a song together! Ugh! I could sing and all but I just don't wanna sing with him! I looked at the clock and saw it was 3:00. The jerk would be here in thirty minutes so I put on red and white basketball shorts with a red shirt with white hearts all over it. Yeah it showed off my curves a little bit but its not like he's gonna like me anyway! I put my hair in a pony tail and sat down and watched tv. Then the door bell rang.

* ding dong *

Jacob P.O.V

So I'm at the losers house to get this over with so I can go home. I rang the doorbell a couple times till she came out. She had curves! She looked hot too! I never noticed her hazel eyes till now. Whoa! I got caught off guard for a minute when she said " are you coming in or you wanna do this outside in the heat?" She said with a tone in her voice. " let's just get this over with already" I said with a tone in my voice too. I went in her house and it was about the same as my house. BIG. " if you're hungry I could get some snacks" she said. " look I'm not here to chit chat ok? I just wanna get this done!" I said yelling a little. " o-ok " she stuttered. " what is the song you wanna do?" She asked. " let's do future. ( by MB ) I made it up just last night" she said. " ok " I agreed. " hold on its getting a little hot in here" she said as she took her shirt off and left herself in her sports bra. I thought I was in a dream at first! She had curves to die for! " dang!" OMG did I just say that out loud! " ummm " she said with an confused look on her face. " let's just get on with the song" i said nervously. " here's the instrumental and your part. You can go first." " ok " I said as she started the song instrumental.

Jacobs part:

Wish I could drive a whip and take you round the city, cruise around the strip and pick up somethin pretty for you wish I could ball out on the club in the night life you heard me. But that might be just a little to early. Instead of shopping mall take you to the tahj mahjal may be he islands only the finest for you. ( yes ) I know I'm young by I ain't even tryna fool ya ( no ). ( you know the Chorus guys)

Leylas part:

Wish I could meet your moms and show her that I'm decent, wish that I could tell you that I love you boy I mean it I do, wish I could kick it with your friends on a regular basis, but were from two different worlds I gotta face it! I'm still a girl and you need a woman. I'm gonna get there yeah I know I sure can ( whoo ) I know I'm young but ain't even tryna fool ya ( no ) but what I'm saying is that boy we got a future ( you know the rest guys ) .

Jacobs part:

One day ill be olde and wiser ( yeah ) one day ill be somebody's provider ( yeah ) one day yeah I'm gonna be able to do all of the little things that I've been singing to you! And one day ill be ballin driving stead' of walking, tam you where you want and take you shopping then the mall and, whoo! I know I'm young but I ain't even tryna fool ya ( no ) but all I'm sayin is that girl I got a future. ( after that the song is over )

Leyla P.O.V

" you were good " I said. " I'm going home " he said meanly. " ok have a great day jake- I mean Jacob" I said. " bye loser" he said. " bye " I said " BFF". " huh?" He said turning around. " nothing ". I said. I just want my life to be happy again and be best friends again. That's all I pray for. So I prayed.

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