Chapter 12

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No one pov

Leyla was happy he felt the same way about her. Her birthday was coming up and she was having a sweet 16 next weekend and she was struggling to plan it. She finally decided to tell him about it. "Jacob. I'm having a sweet 16 next weekend and I'm kind of struggling to plan it. Will you help me?". "Sure but what theme is it going to be?". He asked. "I want it to be like a Sweet Tooth theme with candy and sweets all over the place. Isn't it called 'Sweet Sixteen?'". He chuckled and started to help her with the invitations and who to invite. He stayed over there do about 8 hours and finally they were done.

He took his phone out and put it on pandora. The song 'High School' by nocki minaj and lil Wayne came on. Leyla instantly started to rap. Prince looked at her and smiled. "Aww my bae knows how to rap!!!!" he said like a little kid. On lil Waynes part Princeton started to rap but failed. That's when leyla paused the song and looked at him weirdly. He noticed it was off and paused. Leyla busted out laughing and pointed at him. "You can't rap!!!" she laughed hysterically. "Shut up" He said meanly. "Aww I'm sowwy did I make you mad?" he looked at her and gave her the death glare. "are you ticklish?" he asked her . Leyla paused and looked at him scary. " uh oh " he chased her around the room and finally tackled her on the couch. "Gotcha!!!!!" he pinned her arms up and started tickling her on her sides as she was laughing hysterical with tears coming out of her eyes. When he finally stopped, she looked at him evilly. "I'm sorry did I make the wiggle baby mad?" she looked at him and said. "I hate you snotball". he looked up at her. "But you love this snotball". "Yea right buddy" she sarcastically stated. "Say you love me." she didnt say anything. "say you love me" she didn't say anything. "if you don't say it I'm gonna tackle you again." he said. He waited 5 seconds and ran after her. She ran upstairs to her room and tried to lock the door but Jacob was on the other side. She let go quickly and flew on the bed. He pounced on top of her . "say you love me leyla". He said "Ok fine I love you." she surrendered. "Now, give me a kiss" she turned her head and got from under him.

"After I get out the shower". She teased

"noo now" he whined. She started the shower and closed the door and blew him a kiss.

"This girl doesn't know what I want to do to her right now." He chuckled and fell asleep for a few minutes. Leyla saw that he was sleep and tried to sneak to her closet before he saw her. She only had on boy shorts and a bra. Jacob saw her bend over to pick up her towel and smacked her butt. "Damn girl you got an ass!!!" she blushed. "an ass that I can do whatever I want to it" she looked at him.

"Pervert you!!!!" she decided to keep her boyshort on and put a fitting tank top on. "Alright now where's my kiss at?" he asked. "Right here". They started to make out for about 10 minutes. And then Jacob hopped in the shower. When he got out the shower he had on a wife beater. Leyla turned her head and stared at his abs through the shirt. "See something you like?" he asked. "Huh??" she blanket out. "Come here" he pulled her up from the bed and they stood up and kissed. Then they fell on the bed not breakin it. They finally stopped and fell asleep.

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