Chapter 8

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Leyla's P.O.V

My mom's been naggin me about getting a job so I got one! I work at McDonalds now! I get paid 20.00 an hour which is great! I got up and put my uniform on with my hair in a bun. " Leyla!" my mom yelled from downstairs. " yes!" I yelled back. " girl get yo butt downstairs!" she said as I chuckled a little. " I have a surprise for you at work today. and because of that, you are only working an hour." she said smiling. " ok". I said awkwardly and walked out the door sayin I love her.

At Work

Leyla P.O.V

I was at work and Jacob walked in. "Really?" She thought. He eyed her evilly while his friends did the same. She noticed that they were wearing the McDonallds uniform. "Shit!" She thought again. " why does he always have to pop up and purposely ruin my life?".


As it started to get dark they stated closing up. That whole day Jacob was doing the usual, annoying the hell out of me. As the manager left it was only Jacob and his friends. They started to pull out the ice cream cones and make ice cream.

" guys stop you can't do that!" She screamed. She went over to the boys to stop them from making a mess. Ray-Ray took an ice cream cone and smashed it straight on her head. She was furious. Hot tears started rolling down her face. "Aww the little bitch is crying!!!!!!!" Ray-Ray shouted. She went in the bathroom to clean herself up.As she was walking, she was slowly wiping her tears. When she came out, all the other boys had left except for Trey. She got a wash cloth to clean the dirty tables off. "What are you doing?" Trey retorted.

"I'm cleaning the tables" she replied keeping her head down. "That's my job" he replied looking at her back. "You clean the other table since its that important to you." She said with a little raise in her voice. " no give it to me now!" He yelled. "No!" She yelled back. He walked from behind the counter and pushed her up against the wall in the corner. " stop Trey!". He let her go and she kept cleaning the tables again.

When she was done, she packed her stuff and started walking down the street. She heard footsteps behind her and started to walk faster. She ended up running. The guy knocked her down and took her behind the ally of a club. "Help!!!!" She screamed as loud as she could. She figured out it was Trey and got frightened. He pulled out a pocket knife and she shut up instantly. He threw her over his shoulder and took her to his house. There was nobody there and the house was pretty big. He took her upstairs and laid her down on the bed. He have her a bag of clothes he told her to change into. " here " he said handing her the clothes. She knew if she tried to run away, he would kill her so she did what he said.

She pulled the clothes out of the bag and noticed it was lingerie. It was black and red. "Hurry up!!!" He yelled. She quickly put the clothes on and walked out. He looked at her lustfully and directioned her over to the bed. She walked slowly and sat down. He turned her around and started to unzip her in the front of her lingerie. She shivered fearfully. He got on top of her slowly taking her clothes off.

"I've been wanting you for a long time babe" he whispered seductively in her ear while kissing her neck. He took off ALL her clothes and spread her legs wide. He started to go inside and out of her slowly. "T-Trey stop." She stuttered. She liked and he knew it the way she moaned. [[[[a/n: he had a condom!!!!]]]] " u know you like it babe." He said. "T-trey stop" she moaned again. He opened her leg ms wider and she moaned louder. With that he went faster and faster and faster. He was kissing her as he went in. He stopped for a while and started to eat her out. She arched her back and moaned. "Don't tell anybody or I'll kill you"

That morning she walked home with her hair all messy and crying she noticed her moms car was gone so she went in her house and took a bath. She needed to make up a lie so her mom woulnt get mad. Hours later, her mom came home.

"Where were you last night?!!" She said while her eyes popped out of her head.

"I worked late so I slept at a friends house and my phone went dead." She said believable. "I'm sorry mom I won't do it again." She said. " it's fine baby but you should have called me. " she grabbed her face and looked deeply in her hazel eyes. " mom I'm sleepy and i really don't wanna go to school." "Well go get some rest baby." She kissed her cheek and Leyla dragged her feet upstairs. "I got raped last night by Trey" she thought

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