Chapter 2

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Leyla P.O.V

The last thing I knew I was blacked out. how could he be such a monster? we used to be best friends! I guess he thinks it my fault. I am the one who would hold him while he cried! I guess he just doesn't know  how to let his guard down because he thinks everybody is gonna hurt him! I wish he could understand. But he won't listen soo there's no point to it. Anyway, The last thing I remeber was blacking out just beacuse I didn't have any lunch money. I wish i couls tell somebody but I know somwhere in his heart we are the beststes freinds ever. Right now I am in the hostpital because I can hear that thin beeping. Maybe i'm in a coma I just wish I could wake up.

" is she ok?" my mom said with her voice breaking a little bit. " yes. With all the blood she lost, i'm surprised shes just had a slight concussion!" The nurse said. " oh well when  ifind out who did this, I am going up to that school and telling the principal so that he/she can get supspeded!" My mom said furiously. and that when I  finally woke up! " owwwww!". "Leyla!!!" my mom said as she jumped up as she squezzed me so tight i almost went into another coma!. " Oh thank god! I love you! now can you tell me who did this to you?" she said as her sweet smile dissapeared. " ummm I just triped on some papers and i slipped. no big deal" I said as I started to play with my hair. I always would play with my hair when I lied. " no big deal! leyla you could have been dead!" she whisper- yelled. " mom its ok. im alright. now go home and get some sleep beacuse I know you are tired." I said calmly. " ok but ill be here tommorow to check up on you. I love you hun." she said as she gave me a kiss on the cheek and went out the door. I thought to myself " why did he do this?, what did I ever do to him? we used to be best friends" i just sat there and weeped to myself and just thought about life would be if me and jacob were freinds again.

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