Chapter 5

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Jacob P.O.V

Its Monday again. uhhhh! I got up put my clothes on, and did my hygine routine. I went downstairs and saw my mom coking. " hey hunnie" sje said with a smile. " hey mom." I said back. " you hungry?" she said. " noo ill eat at school. isaid. " ok bye sweetie" she said.

At School

Jacob PO.V

As I was walking dodwn the hall I saw Leyla. That loser. The reason I put her inthe hostpital the first time beacuse she lied to me. I hate it when people lie to me! You know the other reason I put her in the hostpital. I saw her and pushed her against the locker. " ahhh!" she winced in pain. the jacket sleeve fell down and I saw a big cut on her arm. " hey look the loser cut herself!" I said while laughing. It was funny to me. " ahh!" she winced again. " shutup already. you want me to hurt you again?" I said. " no please dont" she said as a tear started to fall down her face. " we have a project and the music teacher said we have to make a song together so ill be your house so we can do the project and get over with it loser." i said as I pushed her out my way. That loser.

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