The Darkest Awakening Vol. 2.5

The Darkest Awakening Vol. 2.5

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It has been 14 days after the young characters have been to Christmas Island. But something's different from the events of Volume 1 and 2. Luke gave his role as leader to the most powerful hero, Brad and he will now be the narrator and be promoted from deuteragonist to protagonist. But one fateful day, Luke fell ill and decided that he should rest in his home with his family.

Soon, Luke fell severely ill and his mum, Liz told his friends that he had been rushed to the hospital. Brad started experiencing pressure from the fact that he is the leader and that he has to deal with the grief his friends, especially Sierra were experiencing. Especially the fact he has a psychic connection with his friends. What will the impact be and does Luke have the coronavirus?

Season 15: 14 Days In The Hospital(in Luke's perspective but narrated by Brad)

Season 16: ANZAC Day Special(short special)

Season 17: Sun and Moon

Season 18: Dawn of the Dead

Season 19: Close To Exposure

Season 20: Almost Heading To Norfolk Island

Season 21: Going To Norfolk Island