Darkness (a Shizaya Fanfiction)

Darkness (a Shizaya Fanfiction)

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A/N This is my first Shizaya, okay!? So forgive me if I mess up a bit, okay? Anyway, I hope you like it!

Shizuo's POV

I just got done with my last shift. I got out early, so, I was bored. Usually by now, Izaya would be here, with his annoying nickname for me. He hasn't been around Ikebukuro in a WEEK! A WEEK GOD DAMMIT! Not that I cared... I just wonder why he isn't here. I need a good fight. Finally, I saw a head of raven hair, and I smelled a familiar smell. The Flea. I rushed to him.

"So, Flea, where have you been?" I asked, casually. Surprisingly, he didn't even flinch. Let alone say something about me calling him, 'Flea', instead, he just kept walking. A vacant look in his red eyes. It scared me a little.

"Not now, Shizuo..." He mumbled. He continued walking. I followed, he wasn't paying much attention, so he didn't notice he was being followed home.

I am both happy and upset about what I saw. I saw him walk home, and when he got there, he changed into his P.J's. The conflict...

They say that izaya smells like candy or something sweet my question is how did i get that info from shizou
L__Zonna L__Zonna Oct 18
Wait so Shizuo actually walked IN to Izaya's apartment together with him?? And he still was not spotted? Wow that's a high level assassin skills! Bet even Ezio can't do that
You are forgiven because you have nothing to say sorry for 😜
Ok so from past fanfics ive read when the author apologizes in the begining of the story the story always is one of the best one ive ever read so im looking forward to this one
AwesoMeUnicupcake AwesoMeUnicupcake Oct 24, 2015
Mhhhmmm and  i can smell the upcoming semenparty *smirk* 
                              *sorry for the gross comment*
                              *still thinks that it was hilarious*
Lovelylittledevil Lovelylittledevil Oct 19, 2015
He can smell a person in a crowd and @xx_castielle67_xx can smell how good a story will be. The nose is a wonderful thing!