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Merlin: The Secret

Merlin: The Secret

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Caroline By MysteryOfWordsDK Completed

This is a Fan-Fiction based upon the BBC series 'Merlin':D   Merlin is busy as always, doing chores for Arthur. He rarely gets a good night's sleep, and it's beginning to take its toll on him, which the king notices. It becomes clear to Merlin that his secret is now to be guarded even better than before - otherwise it might fall into the hands of the wrong people.   Love is growing between Arthur and Gwen, which is a joy to some, but a curse to others.  Morgana goes all in to prevent Gwen from taking her place as queen beside Arthur on the throne of Camelot. She is prepared to anything to win and is now more than ever determined to discover who Emrys truly is.   Will Merlin be able to keep up appearences and at the same time fulfill his destiny? Will he have enough strength to beat Morgana? And maybe most importantly; will Arthur finally learn the truth? One thing is for sure; everyone is in for a surprise as the story unfolds... :D  (Continued in my other story "Merlin; The Land Of Albion") :D

First things first: I like your username and your summary for this story seems interesting. It also looks like you know how to use your adjectives unlike some writers on Wattpad. I'm looking forward to reading this! ;D
Brilliant! I just found this story, but it is already very intriguing.
rompoo_the_griffin rompoo_the_griffin Nov 05, 2016
Ha! Lol, this reminded me of the scene when Merlin was on Arthur's back and he kicked him
BlueFoxFree BlueFoxFree Oct 07, 2015
I feel for Merlin having to do everything sure I don't have a king to protect but I have an apartment to clean that the rest of my family won't clean so I have to do it all.
salmaroze salmaroze Jun 28, 2014
I freaking love the tv series ,watched it about 2 or 3 time,hope the books amazing
- - Sep 15, 2013
Amazing! Properly the 4th or 5th time i've read this book :D Never gets boring hehe