No Man Is Worth Your Tears (Merthur)

No Man Is Worth Your Tears (Merthur)

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After Freya's death Merlin thinks he'll never find love again. But he couldn't be more wrong. As Arthur tries to cheer up his manservant they both discover something. Something that can't happen between them, not with Uther as king. Will their love be more powerful than the fear they feel?

"We look each other in the eyes. I could drown in his blue eyes. I'm getting closer. My heart is racing. I feel warm. My eyes drops to his lips. I need to kiss him. I feel my stomach upside down. He's coming closer too. We're two inches distant. Slowly I place my lips on his. They're really soft and warm. We kiss. It's a gentle kiss. Our lips are synchronized. I grab his face with my hands, bringing him nearer. We keep kissing and when we move away a thought hits me. This can't happen. If my father finds it out, he will kill him. I don't want to hurt Merlin."

Disclaimer: I don't own Merlin, it belongs to the BBC.

I don't wanna go 
                              Eehhhhhh I just made myself sad
a lament and a yawn I just imagined him screaming very sexually
Honestly your grammar is better than people who speak English as a first language
Merlin711 Merlin711 Aug 15
Wow this is actually so well written and I AM CRING GOOD JOB MATE *round of applause*
Nevalia-Yui Nevalia-Yui Jul 21
It's so funny like every time, i read it as someone whispering "Arthur....." and then yelling POOOOOOOV
Nevalia-Yui Nevalia-Yui Jul 21
Arthur: i don't want you to go
                              Me: :D
                              Arthur: you can go
                              Me: ???? D: ???