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❄️ Hannah Watson ❄️ By Hannah_Watson_ Updated 5 days ago

~ #5 in Adventure February 2017! ~
  "They took my sister. Now I'm taking her back."
  In the last few years, humans started developing supernatural abilities. Comic books came true as the first person flew, created fire, mind-read. The world entered a new age where people who could do special things were revered and admired. That all changed when one man could not control his power and unleashed a huge explosion in a crowded shopping centre, killing over a thousand others. A series of fights involving superhumans broke out, resulting in the destruction of multiple cities and hundreds upon hundreds of further lives lost. The government began hunting down those extraordinary people with the assistance of a specialised unit: trained in recognising different abilities. Suddenly powers became something scary, uncontrollable and dangerous, that nobody wanted to own up to having.
  Amelie Rose Carmichael is the daughter of the man who is in charge of hunting down and imprisoning these people. She enjoys a comfortable life, protected from any threats against her. But when Amelie develops an ability without warning, she must try to keep it hidden from her family, her friends, and above all her father. Can she keep a secret? Will she use her powers to help the rebel organisation that has approached her? And what secrets are the people around her hiding?
  "Time's up, shape-shifter."
  ~adventure~science fiction~superhero~
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Ninjafightergirl Ninjafightergirl 4 days ago
Are you going to make another one I love far😄