The Secret Desire ~(Appleblitz)

The Secret Desire ~(Appleblitz)

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[High school AU]

A guy that seemed to have a good life. He was popular at school, had a lot of friends, was rich, grades are not too bad, but just had one Secret. And of all people to discover his secret, had to be one of his good friends. Applejack.

      Applejack one day discovered Blitz's  diary. Opening the diary would be betrayal, dishonest, in her eyes. What happens when she does? 

     When she discovers the secrets about Blitz? How does she feel about it? How does Blitz feel about his feelings being out?

This mostly takes place at high school, it's human version.

Warning: language(swearing),  mature topics 

   Just want to make sure. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. 

Mlpfim does not belong to me. Characters do not belong to me. If oc, then it will be mentioned in the story. 

Please, don't send any hate. This is jut an fanfic. 

Feedback is welcomed. 
 chapters are long................

Do not copy(give me credit for the story)

Thank you! And hope you enjoy!

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