Gravity Falls: What If?

Gravity Falls: What If?

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Cliffhanger Queen By EZ-Dayz Updated Jun 19, 2016

A collection of Gravity Falls "What If?" One-Shots. Requests needed in the comments! 

For Instance:
"What if Mabel actually did end up pushing the button in Not What He Seems, Season 2 Episode 11, and trust Dipper instead of Stan?"


"What if Bill Cipher hadn't been beaten by Mabel in Season 2 Episode 4, Sock Opera?"

You get the point.

Dipper stopping asking questions like me and take a chill pill.
                              Why do you have to be so furious?
                              Aren't there mistakes you have made too?
                              Don't you care at all about his feelings?
I can imagine Reverse Pacifica telling the same thing to Reverse Dipper.
                              Sorry, not sorry.
Bill? How'd you get here? 
                              Ooh, do you wanna go torture a few people out of their minds? All I need are some chop sticks, marshmallows, a taser, a 300 pound bag of salt, and trading cards.
I'm freaking out for so many reasons that cannot be explained.
                              Also, poor Soos
                              I'VE BEEN REWATCHING THE SERIES
                              AND I STARTED ASKING MYSELF THINGS LIKE THIS
                              AND THEN I COME ONLINE
                              AND THIS IS SITTING IN MY RECOMMENDATIONS
                              YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HARD I AM FANGIRLING
I love all these comments
                              I love how perfectly the author has portrayed Bill
                              I'm so curious