Welcome to Gang Life

Welcome to Gang Life

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Ivory101 By Fishbish101 Updated Sep 04, 2019

I've been telling myself for years that I wasn't good enough and the minute I'm finally ready to commit the deed...to die...life won't fucking let me.

That's because life hates me.

I left my past life behind me and now I'm being brought back into it.

Back into Gang life.
A girl named April García wants to die. But life won't give her the satisfaction of being free. Her whole life is a lie. She's broken beyond compare yet she puts on a smile and makes witty stubborn comebacks to hide her flaws. Her imperfections. 

April had a loving family, but they left her by going up to heaven while she stayed on the Earth. She lives on her own trying to pay the hospital bills of her two brothers in a coma just barely getting by. 

What happens when she finds out she was adopted?

What happens when she finds out her biological family consists of 4 older brothers and 2 "loving" parents?

What happens when this family is beyond rich...but not for the right reasons.

Welcome to gang life.