Something Like Fate   [WattyAwards2011]

Something Like Fate [WattyAwards2011]

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Alex :) By jonasfan14 Updated Jul 22, 2011

Take the Payne is a popular boy band and Kaylee Williams is their biggest fan.  All of her dreams come true when she gets to spend the day with the lead singer, Josh Payne.  Not only did they have an amazing time together, but Josh actually wants to see her again!  Everything is going great, but Josh cant get this one girl out of his head.  He never even talked to her before, but she was special and he knew that.  Kaylee knows who the girl is, but if she tells him it could ruin their friendship, and shes not quite ready to give it up yet.

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marilynjacksonO marilynjacksonO Mar 29, 2011
love how you started this. i found myself singing to it lol. love your use of dialogue, it seems so natural and real not at all forced. voted :D
Dezzypants Dezzypants Mar 28, 2011
I like the story so far! The friendship between Jenna and Kaylee is completely natural.  I enjoyed reading this small introduction, I definitely recommend continuing the story, good writing abilities. Keep it up!
SamieFoster SamieFoster Mar 28, 2011
Every (well most)  teenaged girl's dream brought to page.  Nice angle.
SamieFoster SamieFoster Mar 28, 2011
Fun little intro. I have no idea of where the story is heading off to. But you have strong  characters that seem real. And the friendship is completely believable. So good job so far.