Kaylee’s POV

“Kaylee!” shouted Jenna from across the gym.  She ran towards me with a big smile on her face. “We did it!”

I started laughing, “we survived four whole years.”  She pulled me in for a hug, still smiling.  God, I can’t believe that I just graduated from high school!  It seems like just yesterday I was walking around the building, trying to find my way around the large, unfamiliar school.  I looked over Jenna’s shoulder to see my parents and brother walking towards us.  We pulled apart and started walking towards my family.

“Congratulations sweet heart,” said my dad.  He had a huge smile on his face, and so did my mom.  I hugged them both then turned to look at my brother.

“Way to go sis,” he said smiling.

“Thanks,” I said, hugging him.  I looked over at Jenna and saw her smiling, and blushing slightly.  She had a bit of a crush on Zac, and he knew it too.  He loved pulling pranks on her and making her blush.

“Hey Jenna,” he said smirking, “congratulations, do I get a hug too?”  I started laughing and slapped my brother on the arm. 

“You’re such a jerk!”  My brother had short, wavy black hair and striking blue eyes.  He was really tall too.

“Thanks,” said Jenna, hugging him.  If it wasn’t totally weird for my best friend to date my older brother, I would say that they looked pretty cute together.

Jenna’s sister came over and congratulated us, as well as a few other people.  I walked around the room, saying my good byes to everyone, and thanking some of my favourite teachers.  By now, I was crying. 

“It just hit me,” I said to Jenna as we were leaving the gym.

“What?” she asked, she was crying too.  Most of the girls were, and even some of the boys.

“We’re done.” I said, “No more high school.”  We both started laughing.  My family, and Jenna’s sister had left a while ago.  They were taking us out for dinner then we were going to a graduation party for a few hours before I left for the summer.

My family owns a home in Orlando, Florida.  My family has been going there for holidays since before I was born.  This summer, because our parents had to work, my brother and I were going down for a month before our parents came down.

Once we were at the restaurant, we found our families then went and sat down. 

“I can’t believe you girls are done high school,” said Jenna’s sister as we took our seats.  She looked over at my brother and smirked, “I remember when this little trouble maker was still in elementary school!” she reached beside her and ruffled my brothers hair. 

Madison used to babysit my brother and I, that’s how me and Jenna became such good friends.

“I wasn’t that bad!” Zac protested.

“Sure,” said my mom, laughing.  “I remember this one time when you tried to make rice in the microwave and it caught fire.”  The whole table cracked up.

“I didn’t know you were supposed to add water!” he said, trying to defend himself.  I gave him an exasperated look.

“How do you not?  Have you never seen mom and dad make it?  Zac, it says it right on the label!”  I rolled my eyes at my brother.  And they think he’s responsible enough to have just me and him in Florida for a month.

“You weren’t any better, Kay,” he said.

“Oh really?  What did I do then?  I have always been very responsible.”  He’s got nothing.  I was a very responsible kid and I never got into trouble.

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