Tribal - The Embers by Sebirt
Tribal - The Embersby Sebirt
Centuries have passed on this untamed world of forest and jungle, and a tribe of hunter-gatherer elves have walked in the footsteps of their ancestors to survive, surviv...
  • tragedy
  • culture
  • theology
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Armageddon  by FCraymond
Armageddon by Franky
This is it. The polar caps are melting. The sun is getting closer. The home we know is welting. there'll be no one left to hold her.
  • volcano
  • death
  • leavethecity
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Lava Bomb - prompt missing by JenniClarke7
Lava Bomb - prompt missingby Jenni Clarke
Should they announce an imminent eruption ? Or is vital information missing?
  • missing
  • volcano
  • weekendwritein
Aumakua Island by LinAuFu
Aumakua Islandby LinAuFu
Arthur is a little kid who lives in the last discovered island of Alola. It should be paradise, but shadows are sneaking from all around. The island hides treasures beyo...
  • alola
  • portals
  • leaders
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Fire Dragon's Curse by NightmareDragonStorm
Fire Dragon's Curseby NightmareDragonStorm
Takuya Akiyama always believed in myths. Unlike his brother Haruki. So when something odd was happening in Japan, he immediately looked to the dragons. Inside a volca...
  • flames
  • dragons
  • fire
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SW6 by Sophia150414
SW6by Sophia150414
It's based on the planet Slaksouth which is home of the bad guys (Slaktons). The good guys team (Reconoll) which mostly consists of humans like Kai and the main characte...
  • war
  • scifi
  • robot
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Battle For Volcano Island! by Fangirl_Lunatic
Battle For Volcano Island!by Fangirl_Lunatic
It starts out with two brothers, and their four other friends. They're planning to go on a trip to Singapore, but they end up on a weird place called Volcano Island, the...
  • monsters
  • volcano
  • mawgu
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